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Stahler is a biometric start-up with exclusive rights to use Hitachi’s finger-vein technology for a payment solution.

Commissioned by an agency partner, Design Lobby was brought in to work in conjunction with Visa and Worldpay representatives to design the customer payment experience, pilot the solution, and develop strategic recommendations for the technology going forward.

Scope of work: Design, test and pilot a finger vein payment solution. (Web, kiosk, POS, retail space)


Key Methodologies

  • Use case development

  • Pilot planning and leadership

  • UX design, testing and iteration

  • Service journey mapping

  • Ethnographic observation & contextual interviews

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What we did

We defined the use case, designed and tested the experience, and observed users paying via the solution during a 2-week pilot.

At the start of the project, Design Lobby ran a workshop with Visa and Stahler stakeholders to brainstorm potential use cases for the pilot launch. During the session, we identified an opportunity to partner with Worldpay and test the solution within their cafeteria in central London.

After gaining buy-in from Worldpay, we ran a collaborative planning session to identify project activities, timelines, roles and responsibilities. In addition, we mapped out the ideal service journey.

Design Lobby then worked with an agency designer to develop the sign-up, onboarding and card-linking experiences for the web and on-site kiosk. We then ran 2 rounds of user testing with Worldpay employees to identify opportunities for improvement.

As Stahler built, tested and installed the solution, Design Lobby worked with Worldpay to develop the marketing and communications materials and to organise logistics and training for the cafeteria staff.

After 8 weeks of hard work, we launched a 2 week pilot. During the study, Design Lobby observed users’ engaging with the solution and conducted contextual interviews to gain deeper insight into the quality of their experiences.

At the end of the project, we provided recommendations for improvements.


Fingopay is currently being rolled out across universities, bars and retail stores in the EU and UK.


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