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Group Medical Services (GMS) is a travel and health insurance company located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The company recently expanded its market to provide health and travel insurance to customers across Canada. Early feedback suggested there was an opportunity to improve customers’ end-to-end experiences in the new regions.

GMS commissioned Design Lobby to help redefine its customer experience strategy, support cross team collaboration, and align internal stakeholders on a shared vision for the future.

Scope of work: Designing the customer experience strategy for customers across Canada. (Web, mobile, call center, retail branch, product)


Key Methodologies

  • Existing data review

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Customer service rep workshop

  • In-depth customer & Broker interviews

  • Persona development

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Landscape review

  • Strategy workshop

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What we did

We conducted research, generated insights, developed customer empathy, and collectively defined principles to guide the redesign.

Our first order of business was to understand the existing customer experiences across key markets. To do this, we reviewed existing customer and Broker feedback; conducted stakeholder interviews; lead a workshop with customer service representatives; and ran in-depth interviews with customers and Brokers across key regions.

Following the research, we summarized our findings into an insights deck and drafted personas and journey maps to bring the work to life.

In parallel, we conducted a review of the insurance landscape to better understand the benchmark for success and to gain inspiration for the possible going forward.

Phase 1 of the project culminated in a 2 day workshop with stakeholders across key business areas. During day 1, we ran exercises to develop deep customer empathy and identify key opportunities for improvement. During day 2, we defined a set of strategic principles to guide the experience design going forward.


Stakeholders have a shared understanding of the customers’ experiences and an agreed approach to design products and services.


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