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NowTV, a subsidiary of Sky, launched an online entertainment service offering select Sky content at an affordable price.

Early customer feedback suggested there was significant opportunity to improve users’ end to end experiences and to better deliver on the brand’s core values. Design Lobby, commissioned by an agency partner, was brought in to define the ideal near future customer experience.

Scope of work: Redefining the NowTV customer experience to align with the brand’s values. (Web, call center, unboxing, NowTV interface)


Key Methodologies

  • Existing research review

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Call center workshop

  • Mobile diary study

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Brand evaluation workshop

  • Co-design workshop

  • Low fidelity wireframes

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What we did

We conducted research to understand customers’ existing journeys, collaboratively identified key opportunities for improvement, and co-created new service propositions.

At the start of the project, we worked to understand the existing customer experience. We reviewed relevant research; conducted stakeholder interviews; ran a workshop with customer service representatives; and conducted a longitudinal diary study with customers. The study investigated users’ experiences from sign-up, product delivery, unboxing, installation, first use, continued use, renewal, and beyond.

Following the research, we summarized our findings into an insights deck, personas and customer journey maps. We shared our findings with stakeholders and collaboratively identified key opportunities to improve customers’ experiences (including moments in the journey that failed to support the brand values).

We then conducted a co-design workshop with stakeholders and customers to define solutions to address the above opportunity areas. At the end of the session, we mapped the ideal future experience with a live illustrator.

Following the session, Design Lobby refined digital solutions generated in the workshop and lead UX design work to bring the propositions to life. 

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NowTV implemented recommendations made to the purchase and onboarding portions of the customer journey.


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