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The Nike running app is one of the most popular fitness apps available.

As part of a large-scale redesign, Nike developed 3 coaching plans to help runners get moving; pick up their pace; and get ready for race day. Driving research for an agency team, Design Lobby’s Founder evaluated users’ response to each plan and identified opportunities for improvement.

Scope of work: Beta app testing and optimization. (iPhone, Android)


Key Methodologies

  • Usability testing

  • Mobile diary study


What we did

We conducted user tests and a longitudinal diary study with target customers across the US and UK.  

We first conducted user tests with participants from target segments across 2 key regions. The sessions focused on understanding users’ wants and needs related to a running program; their understanding of, and interest in, the plan propositions; and other issues impacting their ability to use the app.   

Next, we conducted a mobile diary study with runners following the different plans. The study explored users’ experiences doing the various types of runs; how the plan met users’ expectations; how it fit into their lives; and factors impacting adherence.  

Following the research, we recommended changes to the propositions, communications and designs.


 The app has a 4.8 star rating in the App Store and is featured as an Editor’s Choice.


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