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We worked with a leading retail bank to evaluate its new branch designs.

Embedded within a service design team at a leading high street bank, Design Lobby was asked to evaluate proof of concept branches created to integrate digital solutions and deliver the next generation of customer experience. The overall aim of the project was to define opportunities for improvement and inform the next round of branch redesigns.

Scope of work: Evaluating and optimizing customers’ experiences using a retail bank’s new digitally integrated branches. (ATMS, signage, digital assets, tellers, work spaces)


Key Methodologies

  • Review of existing research

  • Ethnographic observation

  • Contextual inquiries

  • Service journey mapping

  • Boundary mapping


What we did

We conducted ethnographic research, generated insights, and redesigned the service journey to support greater customer confidence.

To gain insight into the quality of customers’ experiences, we started by reviewing customer survey data collected since the branch openings. To gather deeper insight, we then visited the redesigned branches and spent a day in each observing customers and employees in the space. In addition, we interviewed customers and staff on site to hear their thoughts about the branches.

Following our fieldwork, we mapped the existing service journeys for key customer segments and identified where and why experiences were falling flat. In addition, we rethought how the various spaces and elements within the branches should be repositioned to better support customers’ mental modes and journey pathways.


The bank is incorporating our recommendations into Phase 2 of its branch redesigns.


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